Mechanical System

Building mechanical systems include plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, fire protection, refrigeration and all related systems, such as automatic regulation and medical gases.The services of our experienced multidisciplinary team include technical studies, tendering, cost estimates, preparation of plans and specifications, and project supervision.
Our innovative design approach relies on a comprehensive understanding of the client's needs to obtain the best system performance.This minimizes mechanical spaces, optimizes the principles of air distribution and diffusion, meets acoustic ci iteria and limits maintenance while maximizing performance, all within budget

Electrical System

These systems include electrical distribution for utilities, lighting, power ,bulbar, generator , and integration of all related and auxiliary systems such as fire detection, alarms, access controls,Tele-surveillance, intercoms, public broadcasting and interfaces with telecommunications systems. Our services include needs analysis, feasibility, conceptual and draft design studies, estimation of development costs, preparation of plans and specifications, coordination with other engineering disciplines and project supervision.
Our mission is three field Firstly, to provide a quality power supply and ground for building's fixed or variable loads, whether these are specialized loads for high-tech needs or more simply, for mechanical equipment. Secondly, to design distributed networks (normal and emergency) while providing for expansion needs and ensuring voltage drdp control and harmonic declines. Thirdly, to prepare lighting diagrams adapted to the clients' needs, and 4 producing calculations, designs and simulations.

Torch Engineering and trading Qatar- UAE We are Frontier of Modern Technologies and proudly represents the best manufacturers in Low Current System field:

Audio Visual Solutions

For ballrooms, meeting rooms, auditorium from well reputed brands such as sony, sanyo vutech, extron , shure and samsung

CCTV System

IP Video systems operate over standard corporate networks Having everything based around a network allows system wide diagnostics to ensure everything is running smoothly. Every device can be continuously monitored and an alarm is raised if' anything fails. As these typically span entire organi-zations, so can IP Video systems connected to them As the traditional control room equipment can be replaced by a PC it is possible, and often desirable, to be able to monitor live and recorded video from any camera from any point on the network

We represents world leaders in cctv such as:


Access Control System

As a network application, real-time changes can be made to the access rights of any individual from anywhere with an internet connection. Rather than worry about retrieving keys from discharged employees or re-keying locks, simply delete their access privileges. You can also remotely lock and unlock any protected door. Adding to the benefits of an access control system is the ability to review reports detailing the arrival and departure of each individual You will know which protected areas they entered. An access control system not only provides added security, but also enhances your facility management capabilities.

Complete Access Control System from

- Impro south africa
- Fermax

SMATV System

Complete range of

- RF Smatv System
- Multi switched if distributed system
- Ip tv system

Intercom System

Complete RANGE OF PRODUCTS FOR VILLAS, RESIDENTIAL TOWERS . Both Digital audio and digital videob entiring systten from fermax - spain.

Gate Barrier System

Smart & innovative solutions for every building entry systems from bft - italy. Automatic raise arm barrier is designed to offer long-term reliability, efficient smooth opera-tion, Durability and spans of up to 7.0 metres. It incorporates a -3phase inverter driven motor and gearbox drive which provides the smooth consistent operation with variable speed all from a single phase supply. This is all controlled via a Siemens plc, which can be programmed to suit any access control requirements, and also features adjustable parameters that the end user can change. The result, a superior automatic barrier giving long service life and peace of mind.

Music & Public Address System

Complete Solution Of Pa/ Bgm, Professional Audio & Security Intercom System Form Toa Japan For Hotel, Schools , Malls, Offices And Residential Buildings .public address system (PA system) is an electronic sound amplification and distribution system with a microphone, amplifier and loudspeakers, used to allow a person to address a large public, for example for announcements of movements at large and noisy air and rail terminals. The term is also used for systems which may additionally have a mixing console, and amplifiers and loudspeakers suitable for music as well as speech, used to reinforce a sound source, such as recorded music or a person giving a speech or distributing the sound through-out a venue or building.

Lightning Solutions

TORCH Engineering and Trading , specializing in light fittings both indoor, outdoor and landscape lightings with cost efficient solutions for our every application. The company’s customer focus philosophy enabled us to identify what customer’s need, and our products and services were blend to satisfy that need in order to achieve their utmost satisfaction while dealing with us. Apart from that, the support from our associated company had facilitated customized design and unique modification of lighting fixtures, timely and precisely. Our years of experience, from selection through installation and testing, can be applied effectively to your project whether it is in a building (residential/Commercial), warehouse, factories, villas, schools, mosques, hotels etc. We work to fulfill customer's lighting needs and exceed expectations.The offering of our products include various types of indoor and outdoor used lighting fixtures, from fluorescent, up and down lights and decorative lights to bollards, uplighters and even weatherproof lighting fixtures. They are designed and fabricated to suit unique applications as well as were created for exclusive customer’s taste.